Law firm social media management services from Virtuoso Legal Marketing will help spread your brand, build a following for your firm, and improve your search engine visibility.

Virtuoso’s social media lawyer service can have a profound impact on your practice. There is no way to deny that social media has become vital for law firms, just like every other type of business. But it is especially critical for attorneys because they generally operate within specific geographic boundaries. Social media allows a law firm to push its marketing message in front of people who live within that area, or who match a particular demographic profile.

But its importance goes beyond that. Updates in Facebook or other social media platforms that get shared not only spread the law firm’s brand, but they create links to the firm’s website. Those links get fed into Google’r ranking algorithm, which in turn helps the firm’s search positioning. So regardless of how you feel about the social aspect of it, social media activity can have a direct affect on your firm’s search rankings.

That has a direct effect on how many leads you get, and on how profitable your firm is.

You could definitely do this on your own. But is that really the best use of your time? Time is the most valuable thing an attorney has. You should be spending your time on billable legal work. Leave the social media marketing part to us.

When you work with Virtuoso Legal Marketing, you work with skilled and experienced writers of American content. This is not one of those budget marketing companies that outsources their work to offshore contractors. If you sign on with Virtuoso, we will carefully craft every message that gets published to your social media accounts, and we will also doso in a way that helps improve search visibility and generate quality leads.

We want to be your social media lawyer service. Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about how we can manage your social media marketing to drive leads and grow your brand.