A professional law firm Internet marketing audit and report manually created by experienced Internet marketing professionals.

Maybe you just need some help getting started. Maybe you just want to see where you stand relative to your competition. Whatever the case, we can prepare an Internet marketing audit and report for your firm that can give you the information to kick your marketing plan into gear.

Some companies offer “free audits,” but for the most part what those consist of is typing your web address into a piece of software. That’s not what we’re talking about.

With our Internet marketing audit, an experienced Internet marketing professional will look at your website with his own eyes, manually perform keyword and competitive research, look at your competitors, and manually type out your report. This is no cheapo automated solution.

Items we research include:

  • The top keywords to target for your practice area and geographic market.
  • Search visibility of your top competitors.
  • What your top-ranked competitors are doing that is resulting in their success.
  • Competitor backlink profiles.
  • Your own backlink profile.
  • Social media visibility.
  • Niches related to your practice that you may not have considered.

We wrap everything up into a professional, well-written report that will clearly paint the picture of your competitive landscape and what you need to be doing to find success.

The price for this service is a one-time fee of $295.