Local Lawyer Marketing

Most law firms operate within a particular geographic market. As such, it is critical that you have a Google My Business account. To sign up, visit:


Provide all the information Google asks for. Make sure that you give a complete, valid postal address that matches what is on your website. Upload several photos. Google will require that you validate your account, which will involve Google sending you a postcard with a code on it that you will type into your account. The reason this is done is to make sure that you actually have a physical location at the address you give for your listing. Google My Business is only for businesses that have a physical business address.

Most My Business accounts also have a sort-of mini blogging section to add updates. You should update that often. In fact, every time you post a new blog to your website, you should post a portion of it to your Google My Business account.

I also highly recommend that you accumulate some reviews. Having reviews and a star rating makes your listing a lot more impressive. We discuss this in another section below.

The reason Google My Business is so important is that it greatly improves your Google visibility for searches related to your firm’s services in your market area. It allows your firm to appear on a Google map. It lets Google show a LOT more information about your firm than just a standard search listing.

I am of the opinion that you should take advantage of whatever platforms Google makes available to feed it information and to receive information back. For law firms especially, Google My Business is at the top of the list because it is specifically for businesses that need visibility for people in a defined geographic area.