Our law firm search engine optimization service will get your website to the top of search results for your practice area and market.

Lawyer SEO is war. The competition for organic search rankings for lawyer-related search terms is fierce. Certainly, you could do it yourself if you want to spend dozens of hours on keyword research and attempting to craft search-optimized copy that has a good chance of ranking, as well as sinking your time into the process of creating links to your website, and everything else that goes into running a law firm search engine optimization campaign.

But is that really the best use of your time?

Lawyers are busy. REALLY busy. If you want to achieve high visibility in Google and other search platforms, you are well advised to hire an experienced search engine marketing company. Virtuoso Legal Marketing, a sister business of Work Media LLC, which has been providing SEO services for over 12 years, can deliver top notch SEO results. Our founder, Jerry Work, wrote his first book on the subject of law firm internet marketing (titled, appropriately enough, Law Firm Internet Marketing) in 2008. It is just one of a number of books he has written on the topic.

The lawyer SEO process begins with a solid understanding of exactly what your practice areas and who your target clients are. From there, we conduct keyword research to identify the search queries that are most likely to drive the appropriate traffic to your website.

There is a dirty little trick in the SEO industry that is often used to create the impression of effectiveness. That trick is to target keywords that have no competition, and no traffic. Sure, it’s great to be ranked number one…but if that ranking doesn’t drive any traffic to your website, WHAT IS THE POINT?

That is not the approach we take. It is our goal to drive traffic to your website. In the bigger picture, rankings are irrelevant. It’s all about the traffic! So we start by creating a catalog of target keywords that will drive traffic. Then we set about the task of very carefully optimizing your website for those keywords. Often (make that, most of the time) it is the case that your site does not have enough pages of content to accommodate everything we need to do. So in that case we will create that content, whether it is in the form of content pages, blog posts, infographics, or whatever. It is absolutely critical that we feed Google a diet of content that is of high quality and optimized for your target keywords.

And certainly, we get into the link building process. But link building has changed drastically in recent years. You do want to be listed in any kind of legal directory that is available. But it is also important that you take advantage of social media and any other sources of links. It is unclear whether or not social media has a direct impact on search rankings, but links that are created from the sharing of updates related to your website definitely do.

In addition, we make sure to take advantage of the various platforms Google makes available to provide and extract information from the Google index. This would include platforms like Google My Business and Google WebMaster. The lawyer SEO process requires that you be aggressive, systematic, and that you take advantage of everything that Google makes available for getting your site indexed and ranked.

Let’s not beat around the bush. This stuff is hyper competitive and takes a ton of time. So you can either spend your own time (the most valuable thing there is) on it, or hire us to do it. When you’re ready, give us a call or use the contact form below. We’re ready to roll when you are.