Law firm Google AdWords / paid search marketing services from Virtuoso Legal Marketing will generate immediate search traffic to your website and leads for your firm.

Law firm PPC (pay-per-click) advertising tends to be expensive. Cases earned through ads run on Google AdWords and other online advertising platforms can be very lucrative. That is why the ads cost so much. The return on investment can be very substantial.

If you know what you’re doing.

Google is worth more than $700 billion for a reason. They know how to get your money.

Here is a cold fact. Google has made it very easy to get started running ads on the Google search platform, as well as content network sites that run Google ads. Google automation will even set your bids for you based on your goals for the campaign. Sounds great, right? The only problem is that the robotic stuff doesn’t work until it has a good bit of data to analyze. That data comes from Google bidding aggressively to get clicks. Those clicks are going to cost you some serious money.

Here is another example of how Google automation can cost you money. If you allow Google to automatically select which ads should run the most, it may show the ads with the highest click-through rates over ads that have higher conversion rates! Again, it just depends on how the account is set up.

Don’t mess around. Hire an experienced, certified professional to run your law firm’s PPC accounts. Hire one that has been managing law firm accounts for years.

Virtuoso Legal Marketing will carefully craft your PPC campaigns and manually set all your bids, created your ads, and use our own brains to analyze your data to make adjustments to improve performance. We have yet to see an automated Google AdWords campaign outperform us. Maybe it’s just because we’re too darn lax on spending our clients’ money. We spend it like it was our own, and do everything we can to maximize the return on every dollar spent.

Our law firm PPC fees are surprisingly affordable, and will very likely save you a TON of money in the long-run. Don’t be fooled by Google’s marketing propaganda. Google wants you running your own campaigns for a reason. Because they make more money.

Let us handle it for you and maximize your law firm’s PPC budget.