The tighter the coupling between a search term or advertisement, and the website destination, the higher the quality of that visit. Likewise, the fewer options you give the visitor to the page, the more likely it is that the person will do what you want him or her to do.

Think single focus.

Think about ONE thing you want a visitor to a web page to do, and optimize the page for that one thing. If you want them to contact you, make that the focus of the page. If you want them to join your newsletter, make that the focus.

If the page is a paid search landing page, remove the menu from the page. Don’t even give the user any other options or anything else to do.

If the page is one of the main pages of your site, then you probably don’t want to remove the menu. In that case, you can use a popup to try and force the visitor action.

So why would you want to limit how many options the visitor has? Because it is well-documented that if you give a person multiple options, she often will choose none of them. If someone visits your website and doesn’t do anything, then you have wasted a visit. MAYBE the person will return to your website later or decide to get in touch with you, but at that point that action is completely out of your control.

Giving the person ONE option greatly increases the odds that he will do that one thing. This can be hard to do. It’s human nature. You’ve got this big, fancy website with all these pages jam-packed with information. You want to show it off.

But if there is one thing that you REALLY, REALLY want a visitor to your website to do, then only give them that one option. Get that contact. Get that email address or phone number. Free consultation…free book…contest prize…whatever the incentive is, use it as bait to get that contact!

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