When running law firm PPC ads, you need to make your ads as big and bold as possible. Paid search clicks in the legal industry tend to be very expensive, so anything you can do to improve your click-through rates (and thus possibly lower your click costs) will help improve your results. Making your ads bigger and more noticable will help accomplish that.

One way to make your Google Ads bigger is with the use of ad extensions. Google ad extensions include:

  • Sitelink extensions. These are links to specific pages of your site that appear beneath the main ad copy. It is advantageous to allow someone to click directly to a page of your site he may be interested in, although the disadvantage is that the visitor may not arrive at the landing page intended to match the ad copy.
  • Callout extensions. This is an extra bit of copy that appears at the end of the ad copy. It is a single line of copy that is a maximum of 25 characters. It allows you to add more copy to your ad, but you should not use it for critical ad information because it will not be shown every time your ad appears in search results.
  • Call extensions. These allow you to add a clickable phone number to your ads. Clicks on the phone link are counted as conversions, so this is a great way to track conversions from mobile devices.
  • Location extensions. These show local address information with your ads. If you operate at a local level or within a specific geographic area, as most law firms tend to do, then you should definitely use location extensions.

There are other types of extensions as well, but the above four are the main ones that would be of use to a law firm.

To add location extensions to your ads, click the Ads & Extensions link on the main left-hand menu in the Google Ads interface. Extensions can be added at the account, campaign or ad group level. In general, adding them at the account level is the most efficient strategy because they they are available to be used in any ad in your account.

However, there could be times when you want the messaging in the extension, such as with a callout extension, to be more specific to a particular ad group or campaign. For example, maybe you have a “DUI” campaign. In that case, you might want a callout extension that is specific to that, but you would not want that same callout used in a campaign for estate planning. So in that case you would want to set up the extension at the ad group or campaign level by first clicking into the specific ad group or campaign.

Google also has automated extensions that it will add to your ads if it has determined they will improve ad performance. These can include automated call extensions, message extensions and sitelink extensions. It could be that you do not want Google using these automated extensions, in which case you will have to manually turn them off in the Google Ads interface by clicking on the Automated Extensions link on the Ads & Extensions page.

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